Club Events Calendar

Changes to the fall 2018 Archery Schedule – Effective 10-1-18

October 27th – No class, some members are pre-registered to attend the fundraiser at UC Berkeley

Nov 3rd, Archery JOAD Party, Pot-luck at the park. We will play archery tag, shoot the flu flu arrows and have a family potluck

Nov 10th – Last day at the park shooting at 18 meters, tuning bows with indoor arrows if necessary and working on archers form

Nov 17th – NO CLASSES

Nov 18th – Turkey Shoot at Nevada Country Sportsmens Club for those who wish to attend, Sign up with Lisa by November 10th. 3-D walking course in the foothills with fun targets and the chance to win a 10-12lb. frozen turkey. Stopping for lunch on the way home!

Nov 24th. First Day back inside at Wilderness Archery in Rocklin, Emails to be sent to archers to let them know which class they will be attending.

Archery Calendar 2018-2019 Fiscal Year